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Master Fic List

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Stand-alones

Jumping Off Bridges - Steve/Bucky, NC-17. ~5900 words. He wishes desperately that he could pretend he doesn’t know, but he does. Knows now that maybe it was always gonna end up here.

SPN Stand-alones

But What's in a Name - Sam/Dean, Dean/OFC, NC-17. ~4800 words. Somehow, it always comes back to Sam.

Twist and Turn 'Til You've Got it Right - Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~2300 words. Sooner or later, they'll figure out how they fit together.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been - Sam/Dean, brief Sam/Ruby, Dean/OFC, NC-17. ~8100 words. Dean is freezing Sam out in the aftermath of the events of ITGPSW, but Sam is determined to make him break first.

Our Lips are Sealed - Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~1600 words.  When John leaves the boys home alone, Sam sees the perfect opportunity for payback.

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning - Sam/Dean, PG-13, ~2500 words. Sam's always had Dean when he had nothing else. Except when he wasn't going to anymore.

And if the Stars Ever Fell (One by One From the Sky) - Sam/Dean, Sam/Ruby, Sam/Ruby/OMC, Sam/Ruby/Dean (But no threesomes, per se). NC-17. ~11,600 words. Sam has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Has to be strong enough to protect them both. Even if it's from themselves.

Two Big Scoops - Sam/Dean, NC-17. 1,645 words. Dean wakes up with some extra baggage.

This Time I'll Hold You Forever - Sam/Dean, NC-17. 3,480 words. Sam's, "habits" put Dean on the injured list, so he insists on lending him a hand. Or two.

Your Love is Thick and it Swallowed Me Whole - Sam/Dean, NC-17. 2,235 words. A hot day on the road and an impromptu training session prove more revealing than Sam could've imagined.

Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood - Sam/Dean, NC-17. 1,465 words. Sam is hiding something and who else but his big brother knows how to get it out of him?

A Part of Me Belongs Apart From All the Hurt Above - Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~7100 words. Prompt #22: Sam and Dean are recuperating at Bobby's post-apocalypse and Bobby acts as matchmaker.

Just Bring Back Some Nice Reminders (the Think of Me and Burn Remix) - Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, NC-17. ~5300 words. When Sam climbs onto the bus to Stanford, he's not alone.

When the Stranger Comes Along - Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~10,400 words. There was a time Dean knew everything there was to know about Sam--but it's long gone. Now, nothing is going to stop him from getting that back. Today's the day. One last day of living with a stranger.

Lonely Rivers Flow to the Sea - Sam/Dean, R. ~6,200 words. Before the war ended, Lucifer flooded the world. Humanity took to the seas, and the Generals Winchester (along with the foreboding USS Impala) are stationed off what used to be the American west coast.

And Who by Fire - Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~8,600 words. When he looks at Dean, there's a stray streak of blood staining his cheek. Dean drags the heel of his palm across it, but it doesn't go away--it just smears.

I'd Burn This City Down (To Show You the Light) - Sam/Dean, Hard R. ~11,500 words. With Dean robbed of his memories and Sam of his soul, Sam's idea of looking out for his brother drives them in unforeseen directions, forcing both to weigh the age-old question of what makes us who we are.

The Long Broken Arm of Human Law - Sam/Dean, brief Dean/OFC and Dean/OMC, NC-17. ~48,000 words. AU. Losing their parents to a fire thirteen years ago earned Sam and Dean two things: a cramped room in a group home and not much else to rely on but each other. As they’re threatened with separation for the first time in their lives, a surprising figure from the past appears to whisk them away and Dean is convinced it’s too good to be true. When strange, dangerous secrets come to light with Sam at the center, they’re forced to run, but learn along the way that there is no normal for Winchesters, and no escaping destiny.

The World Below - Sam/Dean, NC-17. ~9900 words. With Lucifer's triumph over Michael, the gates of Hell fell apart, and in the wave of demons that issued forth, Dean Winchester lost his life. Years later, as Lucifer nears victory in Heaven, a changed Sam Winchester presides over a ruined world below, pushing the forces of humanity and Heaven toward extinction. The war is nearly over and nothing stands to alter its course, until Sam hears the reports and the rumors of a man and he knows--his brother is back.

J2/CWRPS Stand-alones

We're Not in Kansas Anymore - Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Misha (in a limited capacity and...well, you'll see), mentions of past Jensen/Chris, NC-17. ~31,000 words. AU. Adaptation of HBO's, "Oz." For seven months, Jensen Ackles, a once successful, young attorney, has been a prisoner at the Oswald State Correctional Facility. In that time, he thought the man he once was had disappeared forever. But when he gets a new cellmate named Jared Padalecki, he finds he had no idea just how deep the hole goes in the land of Oz.

Greeks Bearing Gifts - Jared/Jensen, NC-17, ~2400 words. It's movie night and Jared chooses 300. Things just go downhill from there.

Yesterday Was the Day That I Was Born - Jared/Jensen, Jared/Sandy, NC-17. ~36,000 words. AU. Being informed by your friends and loved ones that you’re congenial to the point of boredom and occasionally nausea is sort of a drag. Which is why Jared Padalecki resolves to have an irresponsibly awesome time on his twenty-first birthday. But when his foray into excitement proves to be the iceberg of his Titanic of a life, he’s left wondering who and what exactly he’ll wake up to once he gets his head back above the suddenly murky waves of his own life....or something.

All That Shimmers is Sure to Fade - Jared/Jensen, Brief Jared/OMC, Implied Jared/Sandy/Chad, NC-17. ~21,000 words. It was once said that fame means millions of people having the wrong idea of who you are. But the misconception works both ways. Supermodel Jared Padalecki has come to the cold realization that he's nothing like the down home, All-American boy whose visage adorns the pages of magazines and faces of billboards. Nothing in his life is real and the beautiful people that surround him are the ugliest part of it all. On the night he decides to run, a mysterious stranger kidnaps him under the cover of darkness. A man with a hatred of everything Jared represents, a man with a growling voice, a man with a name—Jensen.

Want to Forget How to Remember With You - Jared/Jensen, Jared/Genevieve, brief Jared/Katie, brief Jared/Sandy, Jensen/Tom Welling, James Roday/Alexis Bledel, NC-17. ~48,000 words. The worst day of your life. A lucky twist of fate. The love you’ll always remember—or the one you want to forget. All at the touch of a fingertip, all for a price. It starts on a downtown L.A. corner, that long and winding path to the fractured truth of Jared Padalecki’s past. His and Jensen’s. Meant to be until they weren’t. There it starts, there it ends. At the doors of a vague and little-known enterprise named Mnemosyne.

Changes Come Around Real Soon - Jared/Jensen, NC-17. ~10,600 words. In which Jensen is a football star on the rise and his Sophomore year doesn't exactly go as planned.

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